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Basic and certificate courses in electromobility

As a budding expert, electromobility is an opportunity. The market is still young and the supply of skilled workers is limited. We train and develop you. Durot Electric imparts practice-oriented knowledge in courses and training sessions. For rescue workers, developers or around the work according to the standard DGUV.

Courses for blue light organizations

Learn the proper way to handle high-voltage vehicles during rescue operations.

We introduce you and your blue light organization to the basics of electric mobility. In this way, you will recognize features of electric vehicles and learn their operating principle. You will learn about the structure of lithium-ion batteries and the dangers starting from HV vehicles. To keep you and your team safe, we demonstrate how to disable vehicles. Finally, we will discuss possible tactics in the event of an accident and examples.

Trainings for developers

We introduce you to HV safety, system design and approval.

Admittedly: The development of electric vehicles is complex. This makes it all the more important not to cut any corners in the initial planning. As experienced experts, we train you in system design. At the same time, the safety of the overall vehicle is never overlooked. Here, functional safety according to ISO 26262 plays a decisive role, which you will learn more about in the training. Once the development is successful, the question of approval arises. We create understanding and you an overview.

Training according to DGUV 2 & 3 standard

Safe is safe. Become an electrician for HV systems in motor vehicles and for live work

If you meet the basic professional requirements, we will train you as an electrician for work on motor vehicles with HV systems in accordance with DGUV 2. In this way, you will work independently and safely on vehicles with HV systems. You will learn how to assess upcoming activities, recognize hazards and ensure safety in the workplace. Developers can take the next step after completing the module in accordance with DGUV 2. In addition, you can learn to work under voltage in accordance with DGUV 3, which qualifies you to work on vehicles while they are in operation.

Become an expert in the field of electromobility.

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