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Charging systems

Integration of CCS DC charging interfaces

Combined charging systems, standardized in IEC 62196-3 and SAE J1772, allow electric vehicles to be charged either with alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) using one interface. Two plug types are used, CCS Type 1 in North America and CCS Type 2 in Europe. Depending on the charging scenario, Type 2 or CCS charging stations can be used thanks to the combined system. The system allows maximum flexibility in the choice of charging stations and minimum charging times. Thus, DC charging powers can amount to up to 350 kW. The voltage ranges here are 200 – 920 V. By implementing CCS, you are relying on a system that is universally applicable for users, uncomplicated and secure, and future-proof in the European and American markets. As a partner for the integration of CCS systems, we support you with the following services:

  • Selection of the optional on-board charger and peripheral hardware
  • Development of the control electronics
  • Software integration

Integration of type 2 AC charging interfaces

Type 2 charging cables and interfaces in accordance with IEC 62196 are used for single-phase or three-phase charging using alternating current within the European area. The charging infrastructure is widespread in the private sector and destination charging and can be built up and expanded at low cost. The interface was developed specifically for vehicles in the low-voltage range, where Type2 is not yet widespread. Voltage ranges from 30 – 140 V are covered. Depending on the on-board charger of the vehicles, the charging power ranges from 3.7 to 22 kW. As an implementation partner, we support you in the complete integration of the standard within a few weeks. The implementation enables you and your end customers to use low-voltage vehicles in regular operation within a short time and to charge them at a wide range of charging points. Depending on the need, our services include:

  • Selection and integration of on-board charging systems and type 2 inlets
  • Installation and programming of the charge controller
  • Integration of the battery charge curve

For optimal charging interfaces.

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