E-aircraft tugs: Emission-free on the airfield apron

Even airplanes can be towed electrically.
The e-aircraft tug “emover” shows how this can be done.
of our customer HYDRO Systems KG.

On normal days, more than 100,000 aircraft take off worldwide. A considerable number, which could even double in the next 15 years. That poses challenges: Not only in the air, but also at the airport. But while alternatively powered aircraft are still a long time coming, vehicles for aircraft handling, also known as ground handling, can already be electrified today.

Side view of the all-electric aircraft tug emover from HYDRO Systems KG.

Electric handling promises power and efficiency

That this can be achieved is impressively demonstrated by the all-electric aircraft tug named emover from HYDRO Systems KG. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for building, maintaining and moving aircraft. Your emover can push and pull commercial aircraft from small regional jets to wide-body A380s with towing weights of up to 590 tons. The advantage? Thanks to its universal applicability, entire sections of terminals can be covered by a single type of tractor. The high degree of availability of the vehicle and the electric powertrain ensure maximum efficiency. This can save up to 40% of towing vehicles.

Sophisticated drive and pick-up concept

For the construction of the emover, HYDRO Systems KG relies on the latest generation of lithium-ion traction batteries, which allow fast charging. Six steerable wheels driven by wheel hub motors and a steering angle of up to 180° ensure the highest possible maneuverability and agility on the airfield. The towing cylinder with three degrees of freedom automatically equips itself with the different, aircraft-specific towing heads.

Electronics and software as enablers

By means of advanced measuring, control, sensor, camera and software technology, the tractor driver is optimally supported in his work by the overall system. From force minimization, to automated positioning to the aircraft and tow head change or integrated collision protection. When driving empty, a camera system ensures perfect all-round visibility. Est is therefore no wonder that the emover was the innovation highlight of the world’s largest airport trade fair, interairport Europe 2019 in Munich.

Durot Electric GmbH was involved in the development of the electric aircraft tractor. We helped to develop the high-voltage system and were involved in the implementation of functional safety as well as in VCU programming. Here we were able to convince with our proven electromobility expertise.

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