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Functional safety is a must for the development of electric vehicles and machines.

Durot Electric’s experts will support you in the implementation of standards and safety aspects. This is how you go into series production safely.

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Durot Electric understands development processes holistically. We also support our customers in the areas of system development, software development and prototyping.


The employees of our FuSi department have many years of experience from top addresses in electromobility.


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Safety Tool Chain

The development of the product in the Durot tool chain starts with the analysis of the requirements specifications and the modeling of the product in SYSML / UML in the SW tool “SOX”. These are the basic building blocks upon which the Hazard & Risk Analysis (H&R) is created. This serves as the basis for all subsequent steps and classical engineering. A solid tool chain helps in all phases of development on a technical level and simplifies your documentation.

Safety Development process based on
Safety Tool Chain

Durot Electric has a reliable tool-chain to test all design levels. This includes the Hardware-In-The-Loop – Test (HIL). The setup – in our case with Vector – simulates for example the specified HW environment of a VCU. During this HIL test, all possible combinations of fault conditions or mismanipulations are tested and the response of the developed VCU is recorded.