Gumpert Aiways Nathalie

Nathalie is a unique, compelling supercar powered by future technology that achieves new and unprecedented flexibility and performance with the combination of a large battery and fuel cell.

This makes long-distance travel and reloading an issue of the past. They drive as far as they want and then charge when they need to. Whether you’re driving or shopping or at home. This combination gives maximum flexibility and stands out from all the “state of the art” systems available on the market today.

No matter if race track, long distance highway or just shopping around the corner, all requirements are met. Completely without emissions and noise.

This is how the future begins. Today. Now.

Gumpert Aiways GmbH brings automotive dreams with electric motors to the road. Together they have ushered in a new era in the Chinese and German automotive industry – AIWAYS President Mr. Fu Qiang and Roland Gumpert as CPO of AIWAYS and CEO of GUMPERT AIWAYS. Based in the automotive heartland of Ingolstadt, the company is now mass-producing the Nathalie.

FROM 0 TO 100

History once again proves Roland Gumpert right with his inventor-typical mix of technologies and mergers. This time, it’s the old, successful Chinese friendships and connections that have already brought VW and Audi success in China. Roland Gumpert, together with AIWAYS and its president Samuel Fu, created a novel vehicle project – the Nathalie.