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Master BMS with modular PDU

An electrically powered machine usually has several battery packs distributed throughout the vehicle and connected in parallel via the DC link. To reduce development costs, fully certified battery packs are often used. These packs must be controlled together in a superordinate manner. In many cases, the master/slave function is not or only insufficiently implemented in the battery packs. Here we provide a remedy. Our MasterBMS enables vehicle manufacturers to easily integrate multiple battery packs into the high-voltage system. Standard packs from various battery manufacturers are already pre-implemented. The highest priority was given to maintaining the safety functions of the battery packs.

Modular Master BMS

  • Parallel connection of up to 10 HV batteries
  • Simple interface for vehicle control
  • Safety functions up to ISO 26262 ASIL B can be displayed
  • High availability thanks to redundant battery packs
  • Fits off-the-shelf battery packs with all tests

With matching PDU

  • Modular outputs from 20A to 1000A continuous current
  • Centralized or decentralized interlock
  • Optional integrated DC charging interface (CCS Type 2)
  • Optional integrated DC link discharge
  • Optional integrated ISO guard

Does your vehicle have several Battery Packs?

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