Angebote Engineering

Software development for vehicle systems

Based on the design of the overall system, we get vehicles and machines moving. Die Programmierung von Steuerungen wie Vehicle Control Units (VCU) und Batterie-Management-Systemen (BMS) gehört zu unseren Kernkompetenzen. Mittels MATLAB/Simulink, C oder CoDeSys entwickeln wir Software State of the Art. Following the hardware and software development, we support the commissioning and testing of the vehicles. Based on the results, we implement any optimizations to the vehicle control system and all relevant safety functions. Throughout the process, our software development team is dedicated to delivering safety-certified software according to your specific requirements. So that you can deliver vehicles to end customers with the best conscience. Our services include:

  • Support in the evaluation of the ideal control
  • Definition of the safety concept and shutdown devices
  • Coordination of torque, charging, battery management software (BMS) and thermal management
  • Interaction of further HV and LV components according to switching strategy
  • Implementation of diagnostic and monitoring functions
  • Implementation of concepts in terms of functional safety

Do you need software for your latest electric vehicle?