Software Development

Software development for electrical machines

Marco Dähler develops software for a customer application in electromobility

We get vehicles and machines moving. Programming control systems such as Vehicle Control Units (VCU) is one of our core competencies.

State-of-the-art software

Our wealth of experience is based on the development of electric passenger cars and has been expanded over many years to include buses, heavy trucks, municipal vehicles, construction machinery, emergency vehicles and countless other applications. We develop state-of-the-art software using MATLAB/Simulink.

Functional safety is an integral part of software development for electric vehicles and machines
Manuel Tschumper carries out hardware-in-the-loop tests for a customer

Testing ensures reliability

Following the hardware and software development, we support the commissioning and testing of the vehicles. Throughout the process, our software development team is committed to delivering security-certified software that meets your specific requirements. So that you can deliver vehicles to end customers with a clear conscience.

Thanks to our many years of experience in automotive development processes, we can develop embedded software to the highest quality and safety standards. Our aim is to utilize the advantages of these processes outside of automotive developments and to provide you with series software that is worthy of the name.
  • Support in the evaluation of the ideal control
  • Definition of the safety concept and shutdown devices
  • Coordination of torque, charging, battery management software (BMS) and thermal management
  • Interaction of further HV and LV components according to switching strategy
  • Implementation of diagnostic and monitoring functions
  • Implementation of concepts in terms of functional safety

More and more control units are being installed in electrified vehicles and machines and the system complexity in the electric drivetrain is increasing all the time. The number of units is constantly increasing and prototypes and small series quickly become serious series. The vehicles have to hold their own in daily use; a breakdown is tantamount to a financial loss for the operator. This increases the demands on the quality and security of the software. It must be possible for service personnel to diagnose all components in the drivetrain quickly and easily. This is the only way to support and maintain hundreds of machines in the field.

At Durot Electric, we develop embedded software for control units to the highest quality standards. We can also get a prototype up and running quickly and easily. For us, however, sustainable development means that the software is specifically developed and validated for security and robustness. Your vehicle should still be doing its job reliably in 30 years’ time.

Subsystem Description
System control Terminal concept, network management, wake-up management, periodic wake-up for system check. Interface to IoT remote system and HMI machine interface
Travel drive control Longitudinal control, driving dynamics, torque vectoring, manual transmission with synchronization in the VCU, hill holder, cruise control, torque control, speed control
Power take-off control Power take-off (PTO) drives in work machines. Demand-optimized hydraulic control. Compressed air systems.
Energy management Monitoring of energy flows. Load management. Energy distribution and prioritization depending on the current system situation, parallel and series connection of battery packs.
Hybrid control Experience with gasoline and diesel range extenders, hydrogen and methanol fuel cells
Charging management Cooridination AC charging and DC charging, IEC 61851-1, IEC 62196-3 and SAE J1772
Thermal management Cooling of the power electronics, air conditioning of the passenger compartment and HV battery by means of high-voltage heating, HVAC or heat pump
Automated functions Automated driving, distance control, position control, management of environmental sensors
Vehicle diagnostics Processing of all VCU internal errors according to UDS and J1939. Diagnostic gateway function for all components in the drivetrain
Safety certification Implementation and certification of the safety functions from the technical safety concept. Creation of the safety case. We take responsibility for you.
According to ISO 13849, IEC 61508, AgrPL, ISO 26262 up to ASIL C

Do you need software for your latest electric vehicle? We support you in optimally programming control systems.