Functional safety of e-vehicles and machines

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Functional safety is a must for the development of electric vehicles and machines.

Durot Electric’s experts will support you in the implementation of standards and safety aspects. This is how you go into series production safely.

ISO 26262

E/E systems

IEC 61508

E/E/PE systems

ISO 13849


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Go into series production safely


Durot Electric understands development processes holistically. We also support our customers in the areas of system development, software development and prototyping.


The employees of our FuSi department have many years of experience from top addresses in electromobility.


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ISO 26262 – Automotive

Today, functional safety according to ISO 26262 is an integral part of every series development of motor vehicles. The standard deals with the hazards arising from the malfunction of safety-relevant E/E systems and their interaction. Durot Electric supports you in the application and implementation of the standard. With you and for you, we create the necessary basis for standard-compliant concepts, the selection of suitable components and bring your project in the required development direction. We tailor the scope of our services to you and your needs. The results are developed during workshops on site and at Durot Electric. Our services include:

  • Initiation of the project and the Statement of Work (Item Definition).
  • Functional safety management
  • Derivation as well as elaboration of the hazard and risk analysis
  • System development and system integration
  • Technical security concepts (hardware & software)
  • Supporting processes

Do you have questions about ISO 26262? – Let our automotive experts advise you.

IEC 61508 – Standards series

The series of standards based on IEC 61508 is intended to enable the development of safety-related E/E/PE systems where clear, application-specific safety standards may not exist. Thus, ensuring the so-called FuSi also represents a challenge and additional industrial expense in other application areas. Finally, the standard considers the entire life cycle of systems. We support our customers in the development of necessary safety functions, safety integrity and their evaluation. We cover the following spectrum:

  • Creation of system and diagnostic concepts
  • Hazard and risk analyses and SIL classification
  • Analysis of systematic errors (FMEA, FBA)
  • Random Error Analysis (FMEDA)
  • System Reaction Analysis (FSR)
  • Creation of risk graphs
  • Testing and analysis of hardware and software
  • elaboration of operation and maintenance manuals

Do you have questions about IEC 61508? – Let our developers advise you.

ISO 13849 – Harmonized

Once known as EN 954-1, ISO 13849 is a harmonized standard in the sense of safety of machinery, which refers to safety-related parts of control systems. It combines concepts from the former EN 954-1 and IEC 61508. This sometimes in terms of compliance with the Machinery Directive. In doing so, it offers a practical approach for designers and developers. It is optimally designed for safety-oriented control technology in mechanical engineering. The standard can be applied to hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical systems. Therefore, we support in the areas of:

  • Requirement analyses for control systems and their safety
  • Definition of characteristic values and parameters (SIL, PL, PLr ect.)
  • Mean Time to dangerous Failure values (MTTFd)

Do you have questions about ISO 13894? – Let our engineers advise you.

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