Safe Interlock Unit (SIU)


Safe Interlock Unit (SIU)

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The SIU is a standalone interlock measuring electronics unit and provides the functionality of the interlock as an external control unit.

Advantages of the unit

The SIU offers sophisticated monitoring, redundancies, many diagnostic options, improved fault detection and ultimately increased personal safety. The status is communicated to the vehicle control unit or HV battery via a secure CAN interface and a digital output.
The process used is demonstrably secure and offers protection against all common errors. This makes the SIU a fully-fledged replacement for battery-internal interlock monitoring.

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to its high diagnostic capability and sophisticated fault protection, it can also be used if the HV battery provides simple IL monitoring, depending on the safety requirements.

The measuring electronics are available for easy integration as an external control unit in a compact IP6K9K housing as well as a pure PCB for integration in HV batteries or PDUs.

For safe interlock monitoring of electric vehicles.

Standards overview
  • AECQ-100 automotive compliant
  • ISO 6469-3:2018 compliant
  • ASIL Ready, ISO 26262 on request
  • ISO 20653 IP6K9K (with housing)
  • ECE R10 compliant, on request
Technical data
  • Redundant measurement
  • Many options for signal diagnostics: short circuit to ground, short circuit to supply, open loop, resistance measurement
  • Current-controlled signal with PWM
  • Adjustable frequency and duty cycle
  • Short-circuit current limitation
  • Wide range input (8-32V)
  • Start-up time <100ms
  • Secured CAN2.0B interface, 500 kBaud
  • High side Status Output

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