Inlet Control Unit (ICU)


Inlet Control Unit (ICU)

Electric vehicle charging with Type 2

The Inlet Control Unit is a standalone control unit that is compatible with all common type 1 and type 2 inlets. It controls the interlock and LED lighting as well as evaluating the Control Pilot, Proximity Detect and various temperature sensors.

Numerous standards are applied in charging technology

Rapid implementation of loading functions

Type 2 charging cables and interfaces in accordance with IEC 62196 are used for single-phase or three-phase AC charging within Europe. The charging infrastructure is widespread in the private sector and destination charging and can be set up and expanded cost-effectively. The interface was specially developed for vehicles in the low-voltage range, where type 2 is not yet widespread. Voltage ranges from 30 – 120V are covered. However, the Interlock Control Unit can also be used in 400V and 800V systems without any problems. Depending on the vehicle’s on-board charger, the charging power ranges from 3.7 – 22 kW. As an implementation partner, we support you in fully integrating the standard within a few weeks.

Do you want to equip your vehicle with a type 2 charging interface?

We enable you to use vehicles in regular operation within a short time and charge them at various charging points.

Development of software for vehicle control