Underbody battery for electric vehicles

The battery is specially designed for installation under the vehicle floor, making integration easier for the vehicle manufacturer. The 86kWh energy content, the power distribution and the fast-charging interface all fit into a very small space.


The battery developed by Durot Electric fits exactly into the underbody of a VW T5 and T6 and can be attached in a few simple steps. The wide range of mounting options makes the battery an exciting option for other vehicles with similar space constraints.

No adjustments need to be made to the vehicle itself. This means that there are no disadvantages for any road approval of a conversion.


The entire power distribution for the vehicle was integrated into the battery. This saves a lot of space and weight outside the battery and significantly reduces the complexity of the overall vehicle. All the connections for a dual-drive vehicle, heating, cooling, onboard charger and even DC fast charging are available.

The DC fast charging port allows the connection of a CCS or CHAdeMO inlet, thus increasing the vehicle’s application options for end customers.


86 kWh of energy is accommodated in a very small space. The battery provides 300 kW peak during discharge and can be charged with 62 kW continuous power. With 177 Wh/L energy content including housing and power distribution, this battery is one of the most compact systems on the market.

Liquid cooling allows optimal temperature control of each individual cell, thus increasing battery life. The performance is given at all times and allows the use in the harshest climatic conditions.