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VCU with integrated safety level

The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is the brain of every electric vehicle. The VCU determines the behavior and character of the vehicle. It is therefore extremely important for the vehicle manufacturer to be able to incorporate his own ideas and specifications into the VCU. The safety functions at the overall system level must usually also be implemented in the VCU. These safety functions are implemented by Durot Electric in the Safety VCU on an encapsulated and protected level. The remaining vehicle functions can be implemented and adapted by the vehicle manufacturer himself, independently of the safety level. Thus, with the Durot Electric Safety VCU, we are putting the key to successful product development into the hands of vehicle manufacturers.

  • Verifiably safe according to ISO26262 ASIL B / IEC61508 SIL 2
  • Customer application freely programmable by vehicle manufacturer
  • Extensive quality management requirements of the vehicle manufacturer are eliminated
  • Various control units available
  • No need to recertify code when changes are made in the application
  • Upgrade of existing vehicles possible
  • Implementation of the application level by Durot Electric possible

We provide the optimal control.

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