Angebote Engineering

Development and construction of high-voltage batteries

One thing is certain: batteries are at the heart of every e-vehicle. The design, selection and development of electricity storage systems and their components are correspondingly important. Durot Electric’s employees have years of battery expertise. This is used in the development and construction of customer-specific battery prototypes and small series. Here we rely on highly reliable battery modules from large-scale automotive production with a wide range of cell technologies. In terms of form factors, we cover cylindrical cells in 18650 and 2170 formats, as well as prismatic cells of all types. Our flexibility and independence allow us to respond optimally to customer needs and specifications. For the best storage solution in your vehicle. What we offer and deliver:

  • Customized design and development of battery systems
  • Individual form factors, power classes as well as voltages from 100 – 1’000 volts
  • Construction of battery prototypes for on- and off-highway vehicles
  • Embedding of batteries in overall systems (including PDU and CCS systems)
  • Planning and implementation of active cooling and heating systems

Do you need individual battery systems?