eCorvette Dinora

Driving a classic car, enjoying the fresh breeze, gliding over the country road in a vintage car and all that without noise, stench, and without a guilty conscience? This is possible with the Marton Manufacture Corvette!


The basis for the conversion was the chassis of a 1962 Corvette C1. Without a drivetrain and with a great many problem areas, the Corvette would certainly have been lost forever had it not been lovingly restored by the Marton Manufacture and fitted with a new electric heart.

The conversion of classic cars may be controversial, but for many vehicle enthusiasts it is the right step to take their treasures into the future. In this way, these valuable vehicles will remain attractive to future generations, who will not have much use for the roaring and oily engines of yesteryear.

FROM 0 TO 100


The all-electric Corvette has 185 kW of drive power and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in under 6 seconds. This makes for a much more agile ride than with the original drivetrain, and yet the driving experience is much more relaxed. The range of 300 kilometers is more than sufficient for Sunday Alpine pass tours.

The Corvette can be fully charged again in 3 hours via the onboard charger. Optionally, the Corvette can be charged via CCS. This means that long-distance journeys are no longer a problem.


You can hardly tell from the outside. Only a few gauges in the cockpit and the missing exhaust reveal that this is not a normal Corvette. In order not to spoil the classic look, no displays were used. All required information about remaining range or engine temperature are analog instruments.

The picture under the hood is just as coherent. The latest battery and drive technology is integrated into the vehicle frame. Theoretically, it would be possible to convert the plant back to an internal combustion engine.