Development service provider Durot Electric grows and moves into new location

Increasing demand for functional safety in e-mobility and mechanical engineering

The St. Gallen-based development service provider for electromobility and mechanical engineering, Durot Electric, is moving into new company headquarters and doubling the area of its development center. In the new building, the engineering company is creating an additional department for the functional safety of electric vehicles and machines.

Projekt im Bereich der Funktionalen Sicherheit für die Gumpert Aiways GmbH

E-mobility ensures growing order volume

Numerous development departments are currently working on new, electric vehicle models or are venturing the step toward series production. Against this background, Durot Electric is registering a rapidly growing demand for development services. The functional safety of electric vehicles and machines in particular is becoming increasingly important. The driver is the implementation of standards – such as ISO 26262 for motor vehicles – which set the framework for the series development of vehicles with electric drives. This also applies to the electrification of machines, where standards such as ISO 13849 or IEC 61508 are authoritative. “For some of our customers, electrification is new territory. Others lack the necessary capacity or experience to apply the standards quickly,” observes Fredi Durot, founder and member of the management board of Durot Electric GmbH.

New Functional Safety Department

Durot Electric takes the growing need for development as an opportunity to strengthen the corresponding field of work. “Know-how in functional safety, FuSi for short among developers, can only be transferred to a limited extent. Engineers specializing in this field have to take a particularly holistic view of systems and understand them, which requires a great deal of practical experience,” emphasizes Durot. The newly created department at the company’s freshly moved-in headquarters in Mörschwil is therefore intended to support customers in implementing safety aspects in the series development of electric vehicles and machines. Engineers in the newly created department minimize hazards from malfunctions of electrical and electronic systems in vehicles and machines and shorten development cycles. The range of services also includes the creation of standard-compliant concepts, analyses, the selection of components and the management of “FuSi”. In addition, the engineers can support and accompany the complete series development.

Many years of experience in e-mobility and mechanical engineering

Founded in 2017, Durot Electric has established itself as an engineering company for electromobility and mechanical engineering. The company is benefiting from the ongoing electrification of sports cars, commercial vehicles as well as work machines. As a contract developer, Durot Electric supports its customers with the development of systems, software and in prototype construction. The founders and the engineering team had previously worked together on projects developing supercars and electric trucks. The business relationships established at that time form a basis for today’s growth in orders. To handle the new projects and expand the company, Durot Electric moves to its new headquarters in neighboring Mörschwil. The new building will house the prototype workshop as well as development and administration.

Die Neuhausstrasse 11 in 9402 Mörschwil (Aussenansicht) ist der neue Firmensitz der Durot Electric GmbH
Die Neuhausstrasse 11 in 9402 Mörschwil (Aussenansicht) ist der neue Firmensitz der Durot Electric GmbH
Einblick in die Werkstatt von Durot Electric an der Neuhausstrasse 11 in 9402 Mörschwil
Die Neuhausstrasse 11 in 9402 Mörschwil (Aussenansicht) ist der neue Firmensitz der Durot Electric GmbH

Company portrait

Durot Electric GmbH, based in Mörschwil in the canton of St. Gallen, is one of Switzerland’s leading development service providers in the field of electromobility. The company was founded in 2017 by developers with many years of industry and project experience. Its range of services includes the development of systems and software, prototype construction, and the Implementation of functional safety. By successfully assisting vehicle and engineering companies with electrification, the company is helping to conserve our planet’s finite resources.