Electric everyday vehicle from eastern Switzerland

Engineers from the start-up Durot Electric, who specialize in electric mobility, present their latest creation at a rally. The vehicle is an electric VW T6 with all-wheel drive and a range of up to 400 kilometers. The battery storage system was developed in collaboration with electric mobility specialist Kreisel Electric.

The vehicle, converted to electric operation, was developed under contract to meet everyday mobility needs. During development, particular attention was paid to achieving the longest possible range and fast-charging capability. A four-wheel drive system and air conditioning allow use in harsh conditions while maintaining comfort.

The battery of the now fully electric Multivan T6 has been integrated into the underbody, resulting in no loss of space. The resulting lower center of gravity of the vehicle has a positive effect on roadholding. The liquid-cooled energy storage system was developed in cooperation with the Austrian partner Kreisel Electric, whose battery technology is currently one of the leaders on the world market. The Kreisel Battery Pack features integrated thermal management and efficient interconnect technology, enabling longer life and more power.

In the practically unchanged interior of the vehicle, there is now a touch display on which all relevant vehicle data is shown. These include consumption, remaining range and battery temperature. The display functions can be adjusted to the driver’s requirements if necessary. Before the electric VW is used in the customer’s business, it will be presented to the public. At the Swiss electric vehicle rally called WAVE, which starts on June 8, 2018 in Winterthur, it is to demonstrate not only qualities in everyday life but also sporty traits.